The Window Drapes Hawaii is a traditional business of Hawaii residents. When you talk about Hawaii or Hawaiian designs, you have certain expectations whether it’s clothes or drapery. The Window treatment has got unique importance on the US mainland as well as on Hawaii islands and most people do not prefer uncovered windows.

The Window Drapery Hawaii can be of various types based on whether it’s residential or commercial. The residential ones are typically bought with custom orders whereas the commercial ones are many times rented. The commercial customers include offices, stores as well as event managers like drama, wedding, parties, etc.

The Architects, Software Firms, Showrooms have a need for a well-furnished workspace and they either buy or rent the Commercial Window Drapery Hawaii. They require custom commercial blinds, drapery curtains for large glass panels and the window treatments. These clients are very cautious about exact measurements, custom fitting, color and texture of the fabric and the finishing of the end product. The non-fabric ones are mainly Horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, and Shades. As these drapes are required on short notice, they are kept ready in various standard sizes and are ready to hang.

The Residential Window Drapes Hawaii comes in a different variety. Lined rod pocket curtains, Top tier curtains, top curtains and simple rod curtains are different types of curtains based on the way you hang them to door and windows. The curtain rods and hooks should also to be ordered along with the drapes.


The Door Drapery Hawaii needs careful fitting like a few inches above the carpet, having the rod fitted properly in a straight line and covering all the glass panels properly. Based on ambiance, the color, shades, and texture need to match with the surroundings. Consider light requirements in particular rooms before choosing the fabric for the drapes. One more consideration is whether the drapes are to be hanged inside or outside and the entire design could change accordingly.

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For Window Drapery Hawaii, you need to be liberal with your texture. The length of window drapes could be twice of the length of the window due to plates and proper closure requirements. Same goes true with French plate door drapes and you will have to buy much more fabric than the size of Door or Glass panel or a window.


Based on the residential or commercial use, the room or office for which the drapes are required, the light requirements of the room the drapes are to be selected. The length, breadth, height from the floor, the hardware used to hang the drapes is contributing to the looks. The customized fitting, even for customized drapes gives a more polish look to the curtains. The length of blinds, the horizontal or vertical stripes are important to maintain Office style.

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It is important for you to consider the wall color, furniture color, and other items in a room before going ahead and ordering Drapery. With various choices and various suppliers, Window Drapes Hawaii needs some search for the right drapery especially the fabric panel drapes which you can get with original Hawaii style and reasonable cost.